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How to install client software on the workstations?

Remember to configure client software before installing it on the workstations. See topic: What should I do to configure client software?

Installing client software, after it's configured, is very easy:

  • Log onto the client workstation as user with administrative access rights to the system (so that it is possible to install the software in the system).
  • Execute CafeAgentSetup.exe program from the shared CafeSuite\Client folder from the server PC or from where this folder was copied to (e.g. pendrive). Using network share is recommended for quickest installation, but it requires sharing files to be allowed on your network. In order to locate shared Client folder you should browse to the My computers/Network neighbourhood, open main PC, open Client folder and double click on CafeAgentSetup.exe. Please note that your Windows might not show file extensions - in this case just doubleclick on file named CafeAgentSetup.
  • It might be necessary to restart computer to install driver for disk restrictions. The program will ask you whether to restart now.
  • After installation computer will normally display lock screen with login window (if enabled) and show CafeAgent hourglass icon in the system tray.
  • Once CafeAgent is running on client PC, it automatically tries to connect to CafeStation running on the server PC (using the server address provided in client setup). CafeStation should ask you to confirm adding new workstation to the list (or add it automatically).
  • Please repeat this procedure for each of your client computers.

Important: Do not install client software on the main computer used by operators!

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