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Does CafeSuite work on Windows Vista? Is Vista supported?

We tested CafeSuite under Windows Vista and it seems to work fine with only a few exceptions:
- when you install CafeAgent you need to right-click on CafeAgent.exe
and select Run as administrator, so that it is allowed to copy its
files (otherwise system could complain that it cannot find CafeAgent.dll file)
- CyberPrinter software doesn't support Windows Vista yet - the author notified us that he should release compatible version in April 2007
- sound volume control doesn't work as desired - it only restricts volume for CafeAgent (we're investigating it)
- some of the system policies might not work due to the new architecture of the operating system

We're also planning to change CafeStation data folder location and CafeAgent installation directory to follow Microsoft's guidance.

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Last update: 2007-03-20 13:46
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