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How can I move my CafeStation installation to another machine?

Here's the procedure for changing computer where CafeStation is installed:

  • First, please install CafeSuite on the new PC. It should be the same or newer version.
  • Now you need to move the application data from the program on the old PC. So on the old PC, go to Windows menu Start/All programs/CafeSuite and click CafeSuite data folder shortcut. You need to copy the whole contents of this folder (including Data, Reports, CafeSuite.key etc) to the similar folder on the new PC overriding current default files. Please also use CafeSuite data folder shortcut from menu Start to locate this folder, because it may differ on various Windows systems.
  • Please note that in the older versions of CafeSuite, there might be no CafeSuite data folder shortcut in CafeSuite Start menu group - in this case program data is simply stored in the CafeSuite folder in Program Files (by default c:\Program Files\CafeSuite). You can just copy the full contents of this folder to the new PC.
  • After copying the files, please execute CafeStation on the new PC and make sure that all your previous data and settings are there.
  • After replacing PC you will also need to authorize the license key on the new PC. The program should ask you to do that or you can use menu Program/License and click Authorize button. You can obtain the authorization code at:
  • Please paste the 10-digit code into key authorization window in CafeStation and press OK button.
  • This step is required only if your new PC will have a different IP/hostname. In that case client workstations won't be able to connect to the new server. It's recommended to set the new PC to have the same address and switch off the old PC. If the address must be different, you'll need to reconfigure client software so that it connects to the correct PC. Please go to Main/Connection page in program settings (menu Program/Options) and select the correct local network hostname/IP of the new main PC. Then open Client setup from the Program menu and click Update from server connection settings button to make the address match. Press OK to save client settings. Now, on each workstation close the client program and execute CafeAgentSetup.exe file from shared Client folder to reinstall it with new configuration (see links below for more information). Alternatively instead of reinstalling CafeAgent you can also right click on CafeAgent icon on each PC, select Set server address and type the new address to make CafeAgent connect to the new server.

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