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Why does CafeStation loose connectivity with client PCs on Windows XP? How to remove the simultaneous connection limit on Windows XP SP2 system?

If you have problems with random connection breaking or client software not responding on Windows XP SP2, it's very possible that the max. connection limit has been reached. You can check it in the Event Viewer (menu Start/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Event Viewer/System). You might find there:

EventID 4226: TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of
concurrent TCP connect attempts

In this case you should try increasing the connection limit. You can find detailed information how to do it at:

Background information (mostly copied from CafeSuite forum posts by Babak Ghoreishi):

Usually Windows XP has a limit of 10 simultaneous connections limit/sec, which will put requests over limit into a queue. In fact, Microsoft introduced this in SP2 (from unlimited in SP1) to slow down propagation of the worms over the networks and internet.When certain worms and viruses infect PC they try to send themselves or messages, etc to lots of other computers through internet or network all at the same time. So Microsoft came up with this plan to put the limit of 10 in SP2 to slow down the spread of these worms. But they never offered any options to control it - it was meant to be obligatory. And then many users started to have problems with this, those include specially Peer-2-Peer users, certain network servers or power users using combination of many network applications including CafeSuite. CafeStation is usually connected to a lot of client PCs at the same time and therefore the connection limit affects it's functionality negatively.

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