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I can't get connection/communication between the server and client PCs althought I can see all computers in network neighbourhood. What can I do to connect CafeAgent to CafeStation?

First of all the fact that computers are visible in the network neighbourhood or that they can access Internet doesn't necessarily mean that TCP/IP network is properly configured. You should check IP numbers, network masks and gateways in TCP/IP settings of your LAN network adapters. In most cases the problem is some small typo in IP number. You can check whether computers see each other by using a standard ping command. The clients PCs must see the main server PC by the address provided in client setup on Connection page, so basically please make sure that the server address entered in the client setup is correct. You can set the server address on Main/Connection page in program settings (menu Program/Options). Sometimes it just helps to enter numerical IP address instead of hostname. If you're not using DHCP (dynamic IP numbers) clear the Use hostnames instead of IP numbers option and select local IP as server address. Often the main PC has two IP addresses - one for the local network and one public IP. In this case make sure that the local IP is entered in client setup. Apart from correct server address software must also connect to the right port number. The default CafeAgent listening port is 7777 while CafeStation listens on port 7778, but these might have been changed in program settings (on Main/Connection page). You can easily check which address and port does client tries to connect to.

Also please make sure that option Accept connections from new workstations on Security/Connection page in options is enabled. Otherwise CafeStation won't accept connections from PCs that are not on the workstation list. Please also enable confirmation Main/Confirm adding detected computers to the list on Operation/Confirmations page in program settings (when it's disabled and set to No, the new connection requests are ignored).
Finally communication between CafeStation and CafeAgent programs can be blocked by your firewall, so make sure to exclude CafeSuite from the filter. Recent versions of CafeSuite let you add exception to standard Windows firewall during installation.

If you still can't get connection please email us bug report with CafeAgent.log file which contains information why connection fails.

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