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What should I do to configure client software?

Configuring client program should normally be done before installing it on client PCs.

First please go to main settings (menu Program/Options) and on Main/Connection page select correct server address. This should either be a main computer hostname or a fixed IP from local network.

Then use the Client setup command from the Program menu in CafeStation to open client software configuration window.

  1. Make sure that the server address is correct - otherwise just click Update from server connection settings.
  2. Set password which will protect client software from unauthorized uninstallation. Click the Set password to protect client software button to enter it. You'll be asked for this password when trying to uninstall client software from the workstation.
    If you don't set the password, you'll be asked to do it after you press OK to save client configuration.
  3. If you are going to use workstation lock, you should configure it on the Workstation lock page and the Lock look page. Check also all remaining pages and set relevant options for your cafe. You can read description of most settings by pressing F1 key.
  4. Click the OK button to save client program configuration. Client configuration is saved in the Client directory in the application data folder (you can find a shortcut to Client folder in CafeSuite Start menu group). We recommend sharing this folder over network (read only) to make installation easier and quicker. The recent versions of CafeSuite can automatically share this folder for you.

NOTE: Recent versions of CafeSuite offer possibility of saving separate client configuration for each workstation group. You can select configuration template from the liston the bottom of the client setup window and use disk icon next to it to save configuration template. Configuration templates with name corresponding to workstation group define settings for all computers belonging to this group.

See also: How to install client software on the workstations?

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