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What are the most important recent changes in CafeSuite?

Here's the list of most important changes since version 3.49a till 3.53.7:

  • compatibility with Windows Vista/Windows 7
  • CafeAgent installer prevents certain AV programs to from detecting CafeAgent as threat
  • registering CafeSuite with Windows firewall
  • built-in print control
  • built-in remote desktop control
  • built-in RADIUS server for authorizing users from wireless hotspot
  • built-in webserver with SSL
  • Z-wave remote power control for controlling game consoles
  • chat with customers
  • cash in/out feature
  • formatted html reports by email
  • support for ticket selling vending machines
  • skin preview and automatically applying changed skin
  • categorized selection for products on Sell view
  • tighter CafeStation datafile and report security
  • improved operator security through new permissions and confirmations
  • improved CafeStation robustness and speed
  • account print quotas and possibility to set different pricing for different account groups
  • support for TLS/StartTLS email connections on port 587 (e.g. for Hotmail)
  • notifications about left or missing (pen)drive when session ends
  • possibility to log in as superuser without logging off the current employee
  • possibility to auto limit account time when session starts
  • possibility to automatically reset expired accounts
  • possibility to define different account validity periods for different times in rates
  • possibility to refill accounts with timecodes or nigtht passes
  • possibility to re-print receipts
  • possibility to create restore point during CafeAgent installation
  • better CafeAgent security and stability
  • optimized CafeAgent and faster workstation locking
  • proper functioning of CafeAgent under restricted Windows user
  • new session information and timebar position control
  • scan and CD/DVD burning monitoring
  • plenty of other fixes and improvements
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Last update: 2010-04-23 00:59
Author: Przemek Miszczuk
Revision: 1.2

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