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How to restore data files from backup?

When CafeStation isn't closed properly it will ask you whether you want to restore data files from the automatic backup on the next execution. However, if this doesn't help you can always restore backed up using provided utility called Restore backup utility. You'll find it in the CafeSuite group in the Start menu.

You can also restore backup files manually. You will find zipped backup files in the Backup folder in the application data directory (use CafeSuite data folder shortcut in CafeSuite Start menu group). Locate the most recent zip file (files are named with the date and time of creation) and then unzip it to CafeSuite data folder (for example with WinZip or any free zip utility program) overriding files in the CafeSuite\Data and CafeSuite\Report folders.

See also: How to backup configuration and data files?

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