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What is the right way of upgrading CafeSuite?

Here's a detailed description of the upgrade procedure. Please follow these steps to avoid upgrade problems:

  • Download the latest installation package from our website and save it anywhere on your main PC.
  • Make a backup of CafeSuite folder (usually c:\Program Files\CafeSuite), so that you can go back easily in case there is any problem with an upgrade (the setup program can also make a backup for you if you select appropriate checkboxes during installation).
  • Execute downloaded installation package on the main PC, follow the installation wizard and install the program to the same directory to keep the current settings and data. Please note that currently CafeSuite by default installs to two separate directories (one for executable files and separate for application data).
  • Launch CafeStation at the end of installation and log in as operator with full privileges. In the clean installation there is only one operator 'boss' with empty password. You can also execute the program from a CafeSuite group in the Start Menu.
  • If you're using instant recovery hardware or software on client PCs, please switch them into installation mode (thaw PC) before upgrading (alternatively you can also save new disk state after upgrading successfully). With CafeSuite Recovery Module use menu Workstation/Instant recovery and press Install mode button - then PCs will get restarted in installation mode.
  • Use menu Program/Client setup in CafeStation to open client configuration and make sure all the settings are correct (see here). You don't need to change anything if the previous configuration was functioning fine. Save client software configuration by pressing the OK button. You should at least check the server address settings on the Main page in client software configuration.
  • Use menu List/Select all to select all client workstations and then menu Workstation/Update client program to update connected clients with a new version of CafeAgent. The program will get installed remotely and you will see workstations reconnecting in CafeStation. It is recommended to upgrade workstations when they are free not to interrupt customers.
  • If there is any problem with remote upgrade, you will need to upgrade client PCs manually - by closing CafeAgent and then executing CafeAgentSetup.exe from shared Client folder on each client PC (e.g. \\YourServerPC\\Client\CafeAgentSetup.exe). You can find Client subfolder on the server by clicking on Client folder shortcut in CafeSuite group in Start menu.
  • Normally restarting client PCs is not required, but in some cases it might be necessary to make CafeAgent fully functional again.
  • If you're using instant recovery hardware or software on client PCs, remember to switch PCs back to normal auto-recovery mode (freeze them). With CafeSuite Recovery Module use menu Workstation/Instant recovery and press Normal mode button or Save data if you haven't switched into installation mode earlier. The upgrade is successful when all PCs connect fine to the server and both CafeStation and CafeAgent show the same version (menu Help/About in CafeStation or About in CafeAgent context menu).

Don't forget to update client software on the workstations. It should always be in the same version as CafeStation. Using different versions of client and server software might lead to unexpected problems.

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