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How can I uninstall client software / CafeAgent?

You can use menu Workstation/Close client program in CafeStation to remotely close or uninstall CafeAgent without typing password provided that there is connection with the server and the currently logged in operator has permission to uninstall client program. Otherwise to do it manually on each client PC press Alt+F4 key when workstation is blocked or press right mouse button on CafeAgent hourglass icon and choose Exit from menu. You will be asked to confirm exit with password. Please enter the same password that you set in client setup and mark Uninstall checkbox. By default there was no password set, so if you didn't define it in client setup, try empty password.

In emergency if you don't remember client password and have no connection with client PC, you should be able to remove CafeAgent manually by booting Windows either in Safe Mode, in Recovery mode from Windows installation CD or from other disk/pendrive and deleting CafeAgent.exe executable. Depending on version and operating system the program can be found in one of the following paths:

- c:\Program Files\CafeAgent\CafeAgent.exe (recent versions of CafeSuite)

- c:\windows\system\CafeAgent.exe (Windows 9x, older versions of CafeSuite)

- c:\windows\system32\CafeAgent.exe? (Windows 2000/XP/Vista, older versions of CafeSuite)

Manual deletion will NOT work if Replace system shell for greater security option was enabled on Security page in client settings. In this case you will need to override CafeAgent.exe file with Explorer.exe from Windows folder.

This process is cumbersome and 'dirty', so it is recommended to keep client password in a safe place, so that it is not forgotten.

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