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What about WOL / Wake-On-Lan / WakeOnLAN / Wake on LAN?

Wake-On-Lan feature is already implemented in CafeSuite. CafeStation automatically tries to wake PC up when new session is started provided that Automatically wake up computers option is enabled on Operation/Automation page. There is also a separate menu item to turn on selected PCs (Workstation/Wake up in main program menu as well as in workstation context menu). To wake up PC, it must have a correct MAC address assigned in workstation properties. You can see the MAC address by using menu List/Edit computer. MAC is assigned automatically when workstation is detected and added to the list, but you can also find it by clicking ? button in workstation properties while PC is turned on. Alternatively you can also enter it manually. You also need to set correct Wake-On-LAN broadcast mask on Security/Connection in program settings - this is a combination of IP address range with a subnet mask of your LAN connection. For example if your IP numbers are 192.168.1.XXX and your subnet mask is, you should enter If your IP numbers are 10.0.XXX.XXX and subnet mask is, please type You can check your IP and subnet mask by typing ipconfig /all command in command prompt.

?To check that CafeStation actually sends the 'magic packet' you can use freeware WakeOnLan Monitor program from this website:

It is also required that client PCs support WOL and that this feature is enabled. There is usually a setting in BIOS for this as well as in the properties on network card (in Control Panel/System/Hardware/Devices manager - check Advanced and Energy management pages). It is important that WOL capabilities are set to Magic packet instead of Wake up frame - otherwise CafeSuite could wake up client PCs even by simply trying to connect.

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