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Can CafeSuite used on thin clients? With terminal sessions? With Citrix server?

CafeSuite since version 3.42 supports thin client systems. You need to enable the following two options on Security/Connection page in configuration:

Accept multiple connections from the same IP address
Connect by usernames (use with thin clients)

It's because CafeAgent won't be running on client PCs, but on the server, so it will have the same IP for every instance. After you enable the options above CafeSuite will recognize connections based on usernames of logged on users instead of by IPs/hostnames. Therefore it is important to use a different username for every terminal session (such as Computer1, PC-2, etc).

Finally you need to prevent CafeAgent from installing as a system service, so that there can be a separate instance running in each session. Just go to menu Program/Client setup and clear Run program as system service option on Miscellaneous page.

When CafeAgent is executed first time on thin client, CafeStation will detect new connection and add it to workstations list as the username of user logged on client terminal.

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