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I just wanted to know if CafeSuite supports printing tickets and if it does how do one print tickets?

Yes, CafeSuite offers possibility to print tickets. You can either preprint large quantity of tickets to be sold later or just print one ticket at a time when customer comes. You can setup and design tickets on Accounts/Account tickets page in options. Please enable Print account tickets and enter values that should be printed in ticket template. You should use variables there such as %UserName% or %TotalTime% which would be replaced accordingly by account username and total account time. You will find a complete list of available variables in the help file (by pressing F1 on Account tickets page). Alternatively if you want to have more control over how tickets are printed or for example print your logo image on the tickets you should use built-in Ticket editor instead. Please select any file in Ticket template for multi-prints such as default.card and press the first button on the right to edit it. It will open Ticket editor where you can easily add texts and images to the ticket template. This editor was initially meant to design tickets that would be printed in large quantities, but now you can also use it to print single tickets (on demand). In that case just remember to enable option Print also single account tickets using this template and communicate via system printer driver. You would only be able to print text tickets if you set to communicate directly with the printer through serial port, so this is discouraged. After you close configuration the software will automatically print tickets every time you create account. You can also reprint ticket manually by selecting account and clicking Print button on Accounts page. If you don't want the program to automatically print ticket for every account you can enable confirmation Confirm printing account tickets on Operation/Confirmations page in options.

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