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What is CafeSuite Instant Recovery Module and how does it work?

CafeSuite Instant Recovery Module is a third-party instant recovery software solution that integrates with CafeSuite. The software restores all disk changes once? computer is restarted. The system can be restored upon request, automatically during each reboot or scheduled according to your needs. The recovery process takes only seconds and it's transparent to the user. It's possible to leave certain partitions unprotected, so that users can store their data persistently there (game saves, etc). And to install or update software you can always switch to a password-protected install mode where the changes you make won't be lost. Recovery Module guarantees that all workstations are always up and running, ready to be used by your customers. Downtime is minimized and so are the servicing costs. It's no longer necessary to frequently reinstall Windows, uninstall unwanted/illegal software left by your customers, remove malware, viruses and trojans, restore browser homepage or desktop wallpaper, etc.

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