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How to install CafeSuite Instant Recovery Module?

Here are the installation steps:

  • You can download the installation package from our website.
  • Before installation please make sure that your computers are clean, configured, defragmented, free of viruses and spyware. It's important, because the systems by default will be restored to this initial state.
  • Please also make sure to set up and install CafeSuite (server and clients) first, because the Recovery Module can only be used on your PCs with CafeSuite.
  • You will need to execute downloaded SetupRC.exe file on each client PC that should be protected.
  • You can either choose Express or Custom installation. If you want to protect only C: partition, restore it every reboot and no BIOS protection, you can proceed with Express mode. Otherwise please select Custom installation and you will be able to set parameters on your own.
  • Once installation in Windows is completed, it will be necessary to restart your system to finish installation under DOS.
  • To access Recovery Module you can press Home key before Windows starts loading (shortly after BIOS and memory is checked). You will see a screen where you will be able to change settings, recovery mode or to uninstall the software. You can also control Recovery Module remotely from CafeStation through menu Workstation/Instant recovery.


For advanced users, it's also possible to automate the installation process through Setup.cfg file in the same directory as SetupRC.exe file. The file should have the following format:

ProtectPartition= C: ;format: c:|d:|e:|...
RecoveryMode = Auto ; Auto/Every/No
EveryDays = 1 ;1~50 (days)
CmosMode = Auto ; Auto/Manual/No
DefPassword = No ; Yes/No
NewPassword = 123456 ; 0~8 characters
WarningVal = 10 ; 1~99 percent
FastInstall = No ; Yes/No
InstallTargetDir= Auto ; Default install target dir
AutoInstall = No ; Yes/No
NoRebootWindow = No ; Yes/No
ForceMode = Yes ; Yes/No
TSRoffset = 0 ; 0 default value, 0~255
StrongMode = Yes ; Yes/No

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