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1. Stand-Alone Version

SysFreezer “Stand-Alone” is a version suitable for single workstation.  

[Product Characteristic]: System Recovery & Data Security

To meet the requirement of user’s realistic operation and bring “System Recover & Data Security” into practice more efficiently, SysFreezer is capable to store up to 30 different states of Windows operating system and allows switching back and forth among different states without affecting data in hard disk.

[Common Problems]: System Malfunction

Computer has become an essential tool for working and learning. Frequent computer users often have to face the following system failures. These problems are annoying and difficult to deal with. They usually need IT expert’s aid to fix.

Improper operation causing computer crash, Windows system corruption, system instability, accidental file deletion, and data loss.

System being crashed by intentional destruction or hacker attack.

System efficiency being reduced; system can’t be operated by normal procedure.

System configuration being corrupted or eliminated and can’t be recovered.

System failed due to virus infection.

Partition been intentionally formatted or deleted.

Unable to remove software after its installation failed.

System failed to start up following data corruption caused by power interruption.

[Practical Function]: Instant Recovery

SysFreezer “Stand-alone” version is a utility tool designed and developed to overcome the problems above. With SysFreezer installed, whenever the system has a problem such as Format, Fdisk, deleting partition or repartitioning hard disk, you only press Reset button and the system will be instantly restored to the state before the problem occurred. In this case, you can avoid re-installing operating system and application programs as well as re-configuring the system. Thus plenty of time for maintenance can be saved.

2. Network Version

In addition to be used as “Stand-alone” version for single workstation, SysFreezer also supports both LAN and WAN network environments.

[Product Characteristic]: Centralized Management & Instant Recovery

Some PC management/maintenance utility products are huge in size and expensive. They usually require not only dedicated servers and databases but also operations by professional IT staffs. Such utility software is not suitable to every different kind of corporate.

SysFreezer doesn’t require a dedicated server based on its design. No matter where Client PCs are, they can be managed and maintained by the central Console as long as they can connect to the network. The characteristic of “Centralized Management & Instant Recovery” reduces the work load and enhances the work efficiency of the administrator.

[Common Problems]: Heavy maintenance workload

Most PC problems within the corporate are involved with faulty operation, virus infection, incorrect setting and etc. IT staffs would engage lots of their time with the maintenance works for such routine and low-technique problems. This could generate significant work loads for IT staffs. Below are some examples:

IT staffs need approach each of the hundreds or thousands of PCs in a corporate to take inventory of software and hardware assets.

How could IT staffs count and deal with all the PCs inside the corporate using illegal software?

When installing new software or upgrading application software, IT staffs need repeat the same installation process for hundred times.

When purchasing a batch of new PCs, IT staffs need approach each of them to install particular software programs.

How could IT staffs shortly restore the information system when it’s infected with virus?

How could IT staffs have the system automatically recover from a crash caused by improper operation of computer beginner or accidental deletion of important data?

How could branch offices in remote locations efficiently manage and maintain their PCs at minimum costs?

For public use PCs (e.g. computer lab, cyber café and library), IT staffs need regularly do the following routine works: scanning disk for virus, anti-virus update, Windows update, patch update, reinstalling OS and application software and resetting computer parameter.


SysFreezer is a software product which is easy to install, maintain and remove. Its network version requires neither additional network hardware devices nor extra rewiring works. The hardware/software requirement for SysFreezer implementation is not demanding. There is no need to set up a network server. Installation can be easily completed with peer-to-peer network formed by Windows and configured with TCP/IP communication protocol. Besides, the modular design for various functions of SysFreezer strengthens the expansion capability for future upgrade. Below is the diagram of the product structure:

<!--[if !vml]-->Network diagram<!--[endif]-->

Nowadays, most companies use computer and network as operation tools. Since most employees are not computer experts, it’s certainly important to manage and maintain all computers in a company and ensure their stability for daily operation. Whenever a computer system in headquarters or worldwide branch has a problem caused by sudden breakdown, virus attack or improper use, the work efficiency and division productivity will be notably affected if it can’t be fixed immediately. Contrarily, if the company implements proper utility software, most computer problems can be promptly resolved from a remote location. This way the cost for computer maintenance and management can be greatly reduced.

The diagram above is an example for product structure. This company establishes four branches in different locations to service their customers. The personnel cost will be higher if they recruit four MIS staffs for PC maintenance. Or else it’s hardly to instantly maintain and manage computers due to geographical situation. In this case, it’s essential to implement IT products to reduce cost as well as enhance work efficiency.

If this company implements SysFreezer, the Console PC in its headquarters in Chicago can manage not only all local Client PCs but also all Client PC in the branches in San Francisco, Houston and Boston through the Internet.

SysFreezer enables the administrator to eliminate the geographical restriction and accomplish centralized management and maintenance from the Console PC in Chicago through the network. Also the administrator can divide Client PCs (e.g. General Manager PC, accountant PC, advisor PC and employee PC) into different groups and grant IT staffs different authority for each group. Besides, the Console PCs in San Francisco and Houston can manage local Client PCs within the LAN.

Due to possible limited resource of fixed IP address in some areas, SysFreezer supports login by IP address as well as by Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS). For example, you can enter “SysFreezer.demogroup.com” as Console address on Client PC. Then it will sign into the Console PC in headquarters immediately to be managed. In this case, no matter where the administrator of headquarters is, he can immediately provide support to all Client PCs of the entire organization as long as he can access the Internet.

Through the relevant functions of SysFreezer, you can aid the company with Client/Server computing environment to accomplish “Centralized Management & Instant Recovery” for its information system. This can eliminate the geographical restriction, centrally manage Client PCs on the network, quickly maintain the entire system and manage software and hardware equipments. After all, business operation and information system can maintain normal condition, maintenance cost can decline and working efficiency of each division can rise.





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