CafeSuite is available free of charge for commercial use. However to get the most out of software and register it, please purchase a license and support further development.

All prices are in EUR. There are no extra or hidden fees. The software license is delivered by email.

Please note that the pricing can change at any time. However we don't tend to modify prices more than once a year.

Click here to learn about possible discounts.

For larger orders (e.g. multiple licenses or licenses over 50 clients) please contact us for quotation.

CafeSuite - unlimited time license with perpetual support and upgrades

The total cost consists of CafeSuite server price and price for each client workstation. Buy CafeSuite

CafeSuite Server (perpetual upgrades and support) 100 EUR
CafeSuite Client (for every client workstation) 10 EUR

The price is just a single fee.

New unlimited time CafeSuite license for 10 client workstations and server costs 200 EUR .

You can order additional client workstations at any time on the order page.

CafeSuite - limited time licenses

License valid for three months 40 EUR
License valid for six months 70 EUR
License valid for twelve months 100 EUR

The prices of time limited licenses are fixed no matter how many client workstations you order. The prices include free upgrades and support during the license period. When license expires the software won't function anymore unless a new license is purchased.

Please note that you NEED to choose the right number of workstations when ordering the license.

CafeSuite license valid for 6 months with server and 150 client workstations costs only 70 EUR.

Support and upgrades renewal for existing UNLIMITED TIME licenses purchased before 01.01.2011

With each unlimited time CafeSuite license we used to offer 1 year of free upgrades and support. If you don't require active support from us and you're happy with the features of your current version of CafeSuite, you can use it forever without any renewals. Otherwise please support CafeSuite development by ordering renewal. Please note that you can still install and use the new versions even if the period is over, but then the client program would open our search portal whenever customer session starts.

Perpetual support and upgrades 50 EUR

Purchasing perpetual support and upgrades package for unlimited time CafeSuite license for any number of client workstations costs 50 EUR.

Recovery Module

CafeSuite Instant Recovery Module is a instant recovery software integrated with CafeSuite. You need to have CafeSuite license to use it!

CafeSuite Recovery Module includes unlimited free upgrades and technical support by ticket system or email.
The license key is only delivered by email. Buy Recovery Module

CafeSuite Instant Recovery Module (per client workstation) 10 EUR

Unlimited time CafeSuite Instant Recovery Module license for 10 client workstations costs 100 EUR.

Please note that currently Instant Recovery module can ONLY be used by CafeSuite users.