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SysFreezer is a powerful and mature instant recovery software. Just like CafeSuite Instant Recovery Module, it guarantees that all workstations are always up and running, ready to be used by your customers or employees. Downtime is minimized and so are the servicing costs. It's no longer necessary to frequently reinstall Windows, uninstall unwanted/illegal software left by your customers, remove malware, viruses and trojans, restore browser homepage or desktop wallpaper, etc. If you like CafeSuite Instant Recovery Module, but all you need is a recovery solution without CafeSuite, SysFreezer is the right choice. It can be used in LAN as well as on a single PC. SysFreezer has a lot more features than CafeSuite Recovery Module:

Visit SysFreezer website to learn more about the software and download free trial version.

SysFreezer Console