Nedim Haveric, XS Arena, Paris, France

We own 4 internet cafes spread out in Paris, with a total of 500 computers. So far, we are the most successful brand in France, and our cybercafes have been running on CafeSuite for 3 years. The software has evolved a lot during that time, and the developers have always been attentive to our feedback. CafeSuite makes our business much easier to manage, and its flexibility and performance have been a key factor in our development.

Ray Verschoyle, Dunboyne, Ireland

Since having changed to Cafe Suite we have enjoyed hige growth in our business due to the excellent reports Cafe Suite offers, allowing us create better offers for our customers.

Tina Ekermans, True Technologies, South Africa

Thanks for your reply, we'll follow these instructions. We won't be taking the support update, as your package is way too stable & hardly anything ever goes wrong! ;-) (...) As I was typing that I wanted to say you could quote me on that, but thought that wouldn't be good for sales of your support option... ;-) It's really a brilliant piece of software, you can't imagine how much easier you're making it for an internet cafe, thanks & keep up the good work.

Fabricio Considera da Silva, Cyber da Praia, Brazil

After testing dozens of cybercafe softwares, CafeSuite is the only one that fit our requirements 100%. Completely stable, having all resources that we need, total control from the opening to close our shop, with 4 shifts. All works perfectly in our business now, thanks CafeSuite.

Rafael F. Peran, Philippines

I've been using CafeSuite for more than a year now and it gave me the piece of mind that no income is lost or stolen and it also gave me a lot of savings, instead of having 2-3 employees I only need 1 now! Thank you CafeSuite!

Hussein Khalife, Just Rams PLC, United Kingdom

I have been using the trial version of your software. Initially I had some problems, but with your assistance we got those sorted out very quickly. I would like to thank you for your help and support. I think your software is excellent.

Arthur Apuli, Cyberwiz Internet Cafe, United States

CafeSuite has helped a lot in running our Internet cafe. Excellent software that every Internet cafe business owner should have.

Cristobal Barberis, Santiago, Chile

I think that CafeSuite is the best software for cybercafes and I like very much how your team works hard every day to make it better.

Carlos Bedoya, Pereira, Colombia

We started using CafeSuite 3 years ago, it works great, is very usefull, and we are very happy to be partners with the CafeSuite software.

Astrolavos Internet Station, Thiva, Greece

We would like to express our satisfaction for using CafeSuite in our business. It's a professional tool that uses minimum resources from our PC (client-server). Simple but functional.

The Popcorn Internet Station, Larissa, Greece

It's easy! It's helpfull! It's full of informations and covers all of our needs. CafeSuite is the best Cyber Cafe software we've ever worked with.

--Dimitrios Drouvis

Digital Technology, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

I really appreciate your prompt response, you have a great support... Without your code we couldn't operate our Internet Cafe. We consider this as sense of gratitude.. Once again, thank you very much and CONGRATULATIONS to your professional cafe timer.

Sincerely Yours,
Francis L. Latog
Mohammad Al Nefaiee

Cito Cyber Cafe, Johannesburg, South Africa

CafeSuite is the best software in the world & proud to be one of the only people to be using it in South Africa... Keep up the good work...

--Cosmos Chinedu Okonkwo

SINKOV Internet Cafe, Johannesburg, South Africa

I have to say that CaféSuite is the best software company I have seen in the world, their service is so efficient and their staff are accommodating, pleasant to discuss with and always at best in doing their jobs. Thank you so much for your support. Have a super day!

Kind Regards,
Sidney Nwankwo

Business Center Liaison, Dakar, Senegal

Gérant du Centre d'Affaires (Business Center Liaison) de l'hôtel Le Meridien Président de Dakar, nous utilisons "CafeSuite depuis" depuis plus de 4 ans et sommes satisfaits du produits, surtout pour l'évolution et les Mise a Jour constantes des fonctionnalités.

Mody Tall
General Manager

Federico Cordoba, Siberia, Argentina

CafeSuite es el software mas adecuado para cubrir mis necesidades en mi cibercafe que consta de 50 pcs y se encuentra 24 horas funcionando los 365 dias del a?o por su estabilidad, gran velocidad de manejo de cuentas, facil actualizacion a nuevas versiones, una muy excelente recuperacion en caso de problemas como cortes de energia y por su precio mas que accesible. Gracias al team de Cafesuite por ofrecer este excelente software.

Comnet, Barranquilla, Colombia

It's the best, most effective, easiest and least complicated, not only for the operator, but also for the big traffic in our cyber.

-- Jack

Registered Customer, Calgary, Canada

I believe you have one of the strongest programs available, and I want to see it grows and develops into the best software for gaming cafes and gaming centers.

Registered Customer, Athens, Greece

As I told you earlier, I believe you have the best software I tested (I did test about 18 internet cafe different software packages). I would suggest you promote your web-site because it took me about 2 days to find it, and I did so by just being lucky...

Registered Customer, Singapore, Singapore

I am using your product, after trying some others. I would like to thank you & your team for such an excellent product, which is easy & friendly to use. Thanks a million.

Registered Customer, Cali, Colombia

We are very Happy to have CafeSuite as a our cafe controller provider. your company never stop, and we are very glad about that.

Registered Customer, George Town, Cayman Islands

Thanks for your excellent service.

Registered Customer, Maracay, Venezuela

At first, we want to congratulate you by its excellent software.

Registered Customer, Gainsborough, United Kingdom

I have downloaded demos of your cafesuite software and think it is excellent.

Registered Customer, Dublin, Ireland

Very excellent software by the way, well done guys!

Registered Customer, Tracy, USA

First let me say you have certainly developed what seems to be an excellent product. I have been evaluating software for our chain of internet cafes for some time and yours is the first package that combines all the features I have been looking for.

Registered Customer, Honiara, Solomon Islands

You all have done an excellent job and please keep it up.

Registered Customer, Edmonton, Canada

Thank you for an excellent piece of software that is very useful and practical ..

Registered Customer, Porlamar, Venezuela

I would like to tell you that we are very satisfied of using CafeSuite management program for our cyber, it is an excellent one.

Registered Customer, Hertfordshire, UK

We are the proud owners of a copy of Cafestation, which we have found to be excellent.

Registered Customer, Guwahati, India

I have been using Cafesuite Cyber Cafe Management software in my Cafe for the last 3 days, after downloading a trialware from the internet. I came across your Software by chance and found it to be very useful for automated management of my cafe. Earlier all the logging at the cafe was done manually which is very menial and tedious. I would rate your software as Excellent piece of software for Cyber Cafe Management.

Registered Customer, Durban, South Africa

I purchased an Internet cafe which was operating with Cafe Suite and found your software to be excellent and the price will be affordable in South Africa.

Registered Customer, Cebu, Philippines

Thank you for the quick reply. Not only do you have an excellent software, but service and support as well.

Registered Customer, Thaba Tswane, South Africa

Many thanks for the help, it is most appreciated. This is indeed a fine software package and caters for most all needs. Many thanks once more for your speedy and wonderful assistance. It is most appreciated.

Registered Customer, Alexandria, Egypt

We are computer&internet cafe located in Alexandria, Egypt and we found your software is really perfect.

Registered Customer, Moscow, Russia

I'd like to thank you for cafesuite - because I think it is one of the best programs for cybercafe and of course I'd like you to develop this project further. It is one of best protected programs too - there are no cracks and patches for it ... And it is amazing i think

Registered Customer, Boulder, USA

I just want to tell you that your software is AMAZING - it will simplify our lives in so many ways and allow users to get the most out of their time. I will send the credit card confirmation info shortly and just want to tell you to keep up the GREAT work!

Registered Customer, Banjul, Gambia

As always thanks for your amazing rapid support.

Registered Customer, Lima, Peru

Honestly, I am really impressed with your software compared to about 5 other programs I have used. You should REALLY look at SmartLaunch though, and maybe implement SOME of their cool features, since they are geared more towards GAMING centers. They have random CD-Key changers, customized game profiles, etc, etc plus they have an amazing Windows XP look... But your program is superior when it comes to ACTUALLY financial control of a Cyber-Cafe, just wish you had their gaming features since I am have a 'mix' of gaming and Internet...

Registered Customer, Allentown, USA

Without a doubt you folks know that you are in a competitive market where cyber cafe management software choices are plentiful. It is my opinion and the opinion of many of my industry peers that in direct comparison to many off-the-shelf facility management applications, your software package has the most comprehensive, well tested, and well documented feature set.

Registered Customer, Ipoh, Malaysia

I have much budget allocated for this main project, as I've already spend few thousands, buying fully functional CyberCafePro and Smartlaunch, which don't turn up well. After testing several billing softwares, i think CafeSuite suites our purpose.

Carlos Messori, Barinas, Venezuela

Now i can manage all computers easily and securely with this software

Ram Prasad Chapagain, Nepal

I think CafeSuite is the best software for cyber cafes. I'd like to say thanks to the whole CafeSuite team for introducing such a great and full-featured software.

Registered Customer, Cebu, Philippines

You have made a great software by the way.

Registered Customer, Harrison, USA

Thanks again for producing such a great software package. Looking forward to continued success with it.

Registered Customer, Barcelona, Spain

Hello, My name is Sergio, First of all CONGRATULATION for a GREAT SOFTWARE.

Registered Customer, Los Angeles, USA

I've been a happy customer for over a year now. Thanks for developing a great software.

Registered Customer, Nigeria

u make a great software

Registered Customer, Laja, Chile

Great Software... KEEP GROWING

Registered Customer, Malaybalay City, Philippines

Thanks for the continuing work of improving this great software.

Thomas Kopunek, JavaByte Cafe, Rehoboth Beach, USA

We have been using the software for over 5 years and just love it. I get a number of calls a year about our cafe and what we use to run the operastion. I have suggested your software everytime. Since we have wireless in the cafe we are waiting for you to come out with the wireless software.

Desiree Mills, Westgate, South Africa


Dioscoro Merilo, Cebu City, Philippines

Great... for Internet Cafe Management. I used it since 2004 and totally satisfied with all the features.

Thelma Paiva, College of Social Work, Mumbai, India

We are very Happy with the cafe suite software. we have used it for the last 5 years. This software make our work very systematic and methodical. I feel all the colleges whould use this software in their colleges for professionalism and help the staff keep an account of the use of students of computers. We would like to renew it forever since we found it so user friendly and economical too

Yolanda Taboada Fernandez, Ourense, Spain

We have tried many distributions of ciber cafe software and finally we chose cafesuite, we are using cafesuite along the last 6 years and it has been the best idea, if we have any problem along support period we get a fast solution from cafesuite team, right now we are having a problem with old printer control and we hope a fast solution as always. It's very recomended.

Theo Treffers, Observatory, South Africa

As a fairly long time user with 4 internetcafes we have been very happy with the switch to cafesuite. Support is excellent but generally not necessary - the software simply works. If there is anything to complain about, it would probably be the sheer number of optiions that can be mind boggling!

Keith Wareham, Paleochora Crete, Greece

CafeSuite has been a useful and simple system to get used to, particularly as i had no previous experience in the Internet Cafe or PC side of running a business.

Muharem Mulahmic, Priboj, Serbia

Very nice software. Im using it for over 4 years by now.

George Louka, Limassol, Cyprus

I've been using your software for 4 years now. It is the most user friendly and understandable program I could find. Even for my customers it is easy to use, considering that most of them know very little about computers. I like the new updates in CafeStation. Especially the bandwidth control option. It has saved me from a huge headache. Because of the constant grow of upload and download speed that my customers pull this option to limit it has been very helpful.
So just wanted to say THANK YOU for this brilliant software and good support.

Geovany Rodriquez, George Town, Cayman Islands

I have been using Cafe Suite software for several years now, and I am very pleased with the first class customer service, I have been buying their support and the other software that work wonders with Cafe suite, they are a very honest Company they have honor every transaction, just the way that they say it, no tricks, no hidden fees, no surprises at all, and their prices are the best in the whole entire market. I recommend Cafe Suite and their other support Software to anybody that wants to start a business no matter how small of big, the Owners and Staff of Cafe Suite will be there for you to help you succeed on your own business. Thank you and good luck.

Leo Merilo, Cebu City, Philippines

Reliable and Stable Software. Good also for huge number of clients. Flexible in many options and settings to cater my internet cafe needs.

Veronica Nassar, Vina Del Mar, Chile

I have a Cybercafe in Vina del Mar, Chile. We have been using CafeSuite for one year and never had a problem with it. Now, we are renewing the license for another year.

Andee Lim, Cebu City, Philippines

CafeSuite has been the real backbone of my business.
Forget the free ones. This is the real deal. Join us and be satisfied.

Kularanjan Sivakumary, Erftstadt, Germany

Cafesuite ist very easy to use and helpful for our Internetcafé administration. It is working properly.

Ma. Christina Reyes, Quezon City, Philippines

I am definitely satisfied with CafeSuite, I am done with Antamedia. Since the time I switched to Cafesuite, I seldom visit my cybercafe and enjoy peace of mind with regards to operations. My internet cafe has been running smoothly ever since.

Kevin D Lazzari, Alberta, Canada

The experience I have had over the last 2 years has been flawless. The bottomline is the software works and my downtime has been zero. I could not have picked a better cyber cafe program. Thank you Cafesuite.

Toader Cezar Catalin, Iasi, Romania

I own 2 internet cafes in Romania whit 100 and 30 computers, we are very pleased by CafeSuite in all 7 years. No other program can beat CafeSuite!

Sandra Esmeralda Martinez Avila, Ciudad Valles, Mexico

Great software, reliable as hell. Have been using it for the past 5 years, not a single problem or complaint. Kudos to you !!!

Bogdan Dordea, Sibiu, Romania

This is a great program, I'm using it for the 4th year now, and i am very pleased with it. Very easy to use, and also u get fast response to any question that you may have. It is simply the best on market. I recommend it to everyone.

Ebuzzv20, Bangi, Malaysia

I been using CafeSuite since I opened my cafe in 2009, but 3 months ago my cafe had to relocate to a new place. In not more an hour we managed to setup and restore our system in this new place. It's easy to setup and with its backup features and we reinstalled with new version of CafeSuite. It was worth our investment to use CafeSuite. Thanks SOFCIK for developing and never stopping to upgrade this s/w.

Oscar Figueroa, Santiago, Chile

I have three different cybercafes working for over five years with cafesuite. My experience is certainly positive. Our first concern when we chose this kind of software was control of incomes. Cafesuite has helped us to receive each end of day all the money that before it we could not get. This investment is one of the most important in our bussiness.