Here you can download language files that will translate the interface of both server and client software. Please choose files matching your language and follow the instructions below.

CafeSuite uses English by default.

Server software - CafeStation

To change the language used in CafeStation, save the downloaded language file to the Lang directory in CafeSuite data folder (see Application data folder shortcut in CafeSuite start menu group) and use the Language command from the Program menu to select the new language. Press the OK button to accept your choice. Finally exit and restart the program.

Available translations:

Client software - CafeAgent

To change the language of CafeAgent, copy the downloaded language files to the client software directory (usually Client directory in the installation folder) and use the Client setup command from the Program menu to open client program configuration. Now, select User interface page and pick the desired default language from the Default language list. You can also make your Internet cafe truly multilingual by enabling International user interface option. Then your customers will be able to change the language before logging in.

You'll need to update client software after changing the default language. Remember to select the Update client language files option in the update window.

Available translations:

Become a translator!

If you'd like to translate CafeSuite to your language, you are free to download the translator package.

Download the translator package

The package contains following files:

language editor for *.tra files
description of the system

If you can find your language on this page (above), you can download it and update the translation. You can also easily create new translations from the original English language files (called CafeStation.tra and CafeAgent.tra). You'll find them in the installation directory — by default C:\Program Files\CafeSuite. Client software translation files can be found in the Client subdirectory.

Those original files are also needed to see the text strings to be worked on — use the Fade in foreign language command from the View menu for that.

Please be so kind to send us your translations (*.tra files) when they're ready, so that other cyber cafes can benefit as well. We'll also eagerly award you with license upgrade or extension of the support and upgrades period