We're offering following discounts to our customers

For larger orders (e.g. multiple licenses or licenses over 50 clients) please contact us for quotation.

We hope our pricing is affordable, but please contact us if you still find it too expensive considering income from your cafe.

Website discount

This discount is applied only to new CafeSuite license orders. Please either place our banner or just a text link to our website in a visible place on your website.


Use the following code in order to place our banner on your website. Please contact us if you'd like to adjust the look of the banner to fit your page design.

Banner source:

It will display this banner:

CafeSuite - professional internet cafe management software

Example information about CafeSuite

Here's the example information that can be put on your website:

Our Internet Cafe is managed by cyber cafe software called CafeSuite.
Visit for more details.

Corresponding source code: