CafeSuite Instant Recovery Module

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Instant Recovery Module is an indispensable technology for public access computers. It guarantees that all workstations are always up and running, ready to be used by your customers. Downtime is minimized and so are the servicing costs. It's no longer necessary to frequently reinstall Windows, uninstall unwanted/illegal software left by your customers, remove malware, viruses and trojan horses, restore browser homepage or desktop wallpaper, etc.

The software works by restoring all disk changes even before operating system is loaded. The system can be restored automatically during each restart or scheduled according to your needs. The recovery process takes only seconds and it's transparent to the user.

You can leave certain partitions unprotected, so that users can store their data persistently there (game saves, etc). And to install or update software you can always switch to a password-protected install mode where the changes you make won't be lost. To access instant recovery module configuration press Home key before Windows starts to load when there are three dots (...) displayed on the screen. The instant recovery module can also be remotely configured and controlled from CafeSuite. Once you order Instant Recovery Module you will receive a new CafeSuite key within 48 hours. If you don't need CafeSuite, we also offer a powerful standalone instant recovery software - SysFreezer (alternative to popular Deep Freeze).

Instant Recovery Module features:

Please download and try the software before ordering. The unregistered version of Instant Recovery Module will work for 31 days.

The manual for CafeSuite Recovery Module is available here.

The sample configuration file for automated installations is available here.

IMPORTANT: Before installing Instant Recovery Module please:

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